Hannoversch-Britische Gesellschaft e.V.

Aims and Objektives

Relations between Hanover and Great Britain are the fruit of a long tradition. Founded upon close historical ties, they are characterised today by a deeply rooted friendship built up out of innumerable small-scale contacts and relationships. The Hanover-British Society has made its aim to cultivate and strengthen these links, particulary in the areas of cultural, business and political affairs and of sport. The society brings together people who each in their own particular field of interest are willing to be involved in activities which promote this aim, and thus make their contribution to the further integration of Europe.

Business and Industrie

In the field of business and industry Lower Saxony and Great Britain have much in common and many ways in which they can complement each other. Both have coastlines on the North Sea, both are oil-producing states and both have to struggle with the problems of structural adaptation and change in their economies. In the exchange of goods and services, Great Britain is interested in redressing its balance of payments, for example by expanding its exports of raw materials and agricultural products and by increasing its sales of technological goods. Lower Saxony too, as a producer of motor vehicles, electrical engineering products and plastics, is constantly seeking to increase the volume of its exports.


The political links between Lower Saxony and Great Britain have a particular quality arising out of the centuries of common history. We feel ourselves under an obligation to see to it that these relationships are constantly developed further, our principal aim being to strengthen the position of both our regions within the framework and structure of the European Community. To this end we seek to create and intensify contacts at all levels between politicians from Lower Saxony and Britain. In addition, lectures on themes of current political interest serve to raise the level of information on both sides, and exchanges of opinion and visits in both directions create mutual understanding and help to widen horizons.


The broad field of culture is one that offers opportunities for many different forms of encounter, for learning and exploration and for active participation: lectures, concerts, theatrical productions, exhibitions, discussions in the English conversation group, competitions with attractive prizes, study trips to Great Britain and meetings with British people, whether on special occasions, in everyday life or in their own typical native environment. This kind of cultural exchange on a smaller more intimate scale, which provides opportunities for the establishment of personal contacts, which follows up individual interests, relies on members own initiatives and makes use of their professional and specialist knowledge, is a deliberate attempt to create a counterweight to the official international culture industry.


Peaceful competition and the spirit of fair play form a perfect background against which people can get to know each other. Both team sport and individual competition afford the ideal basis for personal contacts. The traditional historical ties between the Kingdoms of Hanover and Great Britain mean that many sports of British origin that are otherwise not widely practised elsewhere, such as hockey, golf, rugby, rowing and Tennis, enjoy a popularity in Hanover and Lower Saxony that is well above the Germans average. The Hanover-British Society therefore promotes and supports sporting encounters of all kinds in order to create friendships  and to strengthen even further the existing  good relationships.