Hannoversch-Britische Gesellschaft e.V.

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Relations between Hanover and Great Britain are the fruit of a long tradition. Founded upon close historical ties, they are characterised today by a deeply rooted friendship built up out of innumerable small-scale contacts and relationships. The Hanover-British Society has made its aim to cultivate and strengthen these links, particulary in the areas of cultural, business and political affairs and of sport. The society brings together people who each in their own particular field of interest are willing to be involved in activities which promote this aim, and thus make their contribution to the further integration of Europe. More...

Next event: Filmabend von und mit Max Müller im Central-Hotel Kaiserhof

Wednesday, 19 February 2020 - 18:30 h

Gezeigt wird der Film "The red Shoes" über den Martin Scorsese sagte: "Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger created a vision in The Red Shoes that has really never been matched. Truly the most beautiful technicolor film ever made", Veranstaltungsort: Central-Hotel Kaiserhof, Ernst-August-Platz 4, 30159 Hannover; verantwortlich: Mitglied Max Müller

Einladung Kinoabend, 19.02.2020 (ca. 133 KB)