Hannoversch-Britische Gesellschaft e.V.

Essay Prize 2021


Englischer Schreibwettbewerb für Schülerinnen und Schüler 2021!

Zum Anlass des 75. Jubiläums unseres Bundeslandes Niedersachsen schreibt die HBG einen Schreibwettbewerb aus. We are looking forward to your contributions!

After the Second World War most of Northwest Germany lay within the British Zone of Occupation. In November 1946, the British military government issued a declaration by which the State of Lower Saxony, with its capital Hannover was founded. In 2021, the State of Lower Saxony holds its 75th jubilee.

At the same moment in history, the relationship between UK and its European neighbouring states is in the process of reorientation after Brexit as well as other issues and crises on a pan European and global level. The Hannover British Society, HBG, situated in the capital of Lower Saxony, is organising a writing contest for pupils to commemorate the British influence on the formation of the State, and, at the same time, the pupils are asked to contribute new ideas on the common future of British-German relations as neighbours and friends.


Essay Topic:

Keeping the light on: Our shared future as British-German Friends

Literary Genre:
You are free towrite an essay, a reportage / coverage, or any literary form (prose, drama, verse) in English

We are looking forward to your contribution if you are a pupil or students living in Hanover, Hanover Region or if you are attending a German School in UK from fifth grade onwards, max. 21 years of age

Text Length: 3000 to 6000 characters including spaces which amounts to one to two standard pages. 


1. Prize:               Tablet worth 1.200 Euro plus 200 Euro book token

2. Prize:               Tablet worth 1.000 Euro plus 100 Euro book token

3. Prize:               Tablet mini worth 700 Euro plus 50 Euro book token

4. - 10. Prize:      Books or book tokens (600 Euro in total)

Deadline Please send us your text by September 30, 2021 via email (format: Word document or PDF file)

Award Ceremony in November or December